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The Ayres Law Office, P.C. Offer Fearless Advocacy for You

With the Ayres Law Office, P.C., you won't get attorneys simply looking to “manage” your case. We are in the case to win. Period. With creative solutions and nimble execution, we strive to keep our opponents on the run. With a strong reputation among peers and the judiciary, our attorneys bring a level of professionalism, intelligence, and integrity to a case that quickly gets opposing counsel’s attention.

Achieving results through creative and aggressive solutions are what really matter to a client. The lawyers at our firm have been successful in every phase and at every level in state and federal courts. We provide seamless representation from the first client meeting through an appeal. Consider us to be partners in your lawsuit. We feel a true sense of responsibility for all of our clients – individuals and businesses. From day one, we look at a case from our opponent’s perspective. Anticipating their next move allows us to be prepared to take aggressive action, including any counter-attacks if necessary.

We stand behind our clients and fighting for fair resolutions. To us, practicing law is a profession, not a business, and we believe that an attorney owes a solemn responsibility to any client seeking counsel or representation in their hour of need. Every client should be able to expect their lawyer to be responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. This is a big reason why we are selective about the cases that we take on, the clients we represent in court, and the other professionals that we work with. In this business, reputation means a great deal. Ours speaks volumes for us.

At the end of the day, results are what distinguish a good attorney from an exceptional trial or appellate lawyer. We believe our results speak for themselves.
Committed to Your Objectives

Our law firm will only handle cases or clients where we can ensure that we are firmly committed and ready to take all steps necessary to meet the client’s objectives.

Selective for Success

Being more selective about the number of cases and clients we accept, allows for the time and effort required to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for our clients.

Providing Aggressive Representation

Our firm accepts and prepares cases for trial, not settlement. Our attorneys are committed to trying lawsuits in front of real judges and juries with real results for our clients.

The true and ultimate test of a lawyer is the results obtained in the courtroom and on appeal.  Stated differently, the past predicts the future. With the Ayres Law Office P.C., every case is handled, supervised and directed by a multi-board certified lawyer with real, proven courtroom results that have been repeatedly shown – year in, year out.

Our Approach

Today, many trial lawyers only evaluate and accept cases based on the likelihood the case can be settled or disposed of on a profitable basis to the lawyer. This philosophy of law practice often results in the client receiving far less in compensation than is actually due, or spending far more defending a case than is necessary. This modern trend stems from lawyers approaching the practice of law as a business and not a profession. A disconnect has resulted, whereby lawyers focus on themselves and their firms, as opposed to what is best for their clients. Such an approach engenders an impersonal relationship between the attorney and client and encourages the lawyer to be detached from the reality of a client’s life.  

By comparison, our firm is grounded in more of a traditional approach to law practice. Our approach involves a process of not only identifying and committing to the client and the client’s cause, but also fostering ongoing and detailed communication between our attorneys and their clients. With this relationship, clients can rely on our attorneys’ demonstrated and certified competence as a lawyer- reflective of our high standards for professional ethics and personal integrity.

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The Ayres Law Office, P.C.

With over 50 years of combined courtroom experience, we are confident in the knowledge we bring to your case. Our reputation for fearless legal action has helped thousands of businesses and people throughout the state of Texas. We are proud to serve the greater Dallas area with high-quality counsel and aggressive advocacy.