This case was not David versus Goliath.  It was David versus Goliath and Goliath’s older brother.  The Ayres Law Office represented two, successful insurance agents before the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).  The proceeding resulted after their international insurance company reported them for alleged malfeasance and fraud, shortly after the agents made demand for full payment under their agreement with the company and were subsequently terminated.


The problem was how to convince TDI that the insurance company was using the complaint stage at the TDI as a basis to gain leverage in the private litigation that might ensue with the agents.


After receipt of the claim, the Ayres Law Office used its wide network of contacts to find the lawyers with the highest level of success before the TDI.  After speaking with these lawyers, the Ayres Law Office employed tactics and techniques to generate an aggressive response, principally focusing on the matters notraised or addressed by the complaining insurance company.


After receipt of the response, TDI dismissed the complaint and took no action against our clients.